Endless Darkness ll

Station Endlos
Reideburgerstr 54

According to the slogan „Ekstase ohne Ende“ Imha Tarikat blasts atmospheric and powerful, but very unique black metal into our bodies and senses.
The band project exists since 2015 and inspires besides a demo, an EP, also with two very individual and ambitious albums. If you fancy black metal of the second Norwegian wave, coupled with dark melodic Swedish influences and a dash of punk and even a pinch of occult rock, you will be blown away by Imha Tarikat.

Victims of Classwar
Spreading filth, darkness and class war since 2011, the one and only Victims of Classwar have played more than 200 shows in 22 countries, not only in Europe. After their debute split LP with Partiya from Belarus in 2013 and several forgotten DIY-releases and contributions along the way, the signs are now finally set to a veeeery (oh yes, veeeeery) long-awaited full-length album. Having on board none other than the infamous Christhunter on the drums since 2021, they cannot wait to blow their thrashing black/death fair into your faces.
Black/Death/Crust power will kick your ass and crush your heads.

Total Hate


Einlass 18:30
Beginn 19:30
Ticket: tickets.kusch-concerts.de