Felix Kubin – Me and my Rhythm Box

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Here comes the late news of the early bird: as you know, I was diligently producing my daily show "Me & My Rhythm Box" for Savvy Funk, the documenta 14 radio in Berlin. And now rebroadcasted on Radio Corax !
Turn in, tune on, drop box!

Here's a list of all the artists:

Ursula Block ('Gelbe Musik') – vinyl as a sound object & instrument
Alessandro Bosetti and speech therapist Judith Rau – the voice-art-instrument
Mariola Brillowska – the anti-instrument
Berliner Nasenflötenorchester (nose-flutes orchestra) – trilling while strolling
Michael Vorfeld – music with light bulbs
Annika Kahrs – animal sounds, animal music
Gamut Inc. – musical robots
Felix Kubin – strange instruments (ALKU, Raymond Scott a.o.)
Mark Boombastik – the human beatbox as a noise machine
Phillip Sollmann – 'All about Harry Partch'
Gelbart – the scratch instrument & the bass clarinet
Neil Feather – self-built futuristic musical instruments
Helena Hauff & Richard von der Schulenberg – the drumcomputer orchestra
Andrea Neumann – the (prepared) inner piano
Max Goldt – 'rubbermind music' & Sprechgesang
Sven-Åke Johansson – foam, telephone books and cardboard boxes
Thomas Ankersmit – otoacoustic signals, the ear as an instrument
A.K. Klosowski – das Kassetteninstrument
Marc Matter – sound poetry, the record player as an instrument
Lucrecia Dalt – internal and external sampling, the artist as a choir

Tune out, drop off, turn up!!