IndieRE #108 | Radio Campus Grenoble

This week Radio Campus Grenoble introduces some local artists from their town in the mountains! Expect some techno with „Pulko“, accompanied by the voice of „Meduz“ from the EP Free of Dyes and rap from „L’amiseul“, a member of the label 21h10. Next up will be the musician and luthier „Anita Dongilli“ with an hommage to a violin, and „Lwanbé“, who sings in Creole and has hip-hop and Maloya influences. To sum it up the ska punk band „Pelle“ and a very special artist from Grenoble, „Compost Collaps“ will be introdruced.

01. Pulko feat. Meduz – J’oublie tout
02. L’amiseul – Mon plus beau moment
03. L’amiseul – Besoin de moi
04. Anita Dongilli – In Fine
05. Lwanbé – Rèst là mèm
06. Lwanbé – Charpenfièr
07. Pelle – Fifou le foufou
08. Pelle – Skank Suicide
09. Compost Collaps – Kotekan
10. Compost Collaps – Transpire

Pulko: soundcloud | facebook | instagram
Speedster Records (label): bandcamp | facebook | instagram
21h10 Music (label): facebook | instagram
L’amiseul: soundcloud | youtube | instagram
Pelle: youtube | facebook | instagram
Compost Collaps: youtube | facebook | instagram
Lwanbé: youtube | facebook | instagram
Anita Dongilli: youtube | facebook | instagram

Produced by Radio Campus Grenoble, France.
Prepared and announced by Rémy Kiledjian & Alice Rozé. Mixed by Alice Rozé & Louis Hoos-Cauvin.
Design by Jure Anžiček.