IndieRE #114 | Radio CORAX

For this 114th episode of IndieRE Radio CORAX prepared some refreshing punk in its different variations with bands like Onyon, Rouge, D.B.R. and zakk2000. In the interviews we talk with the new post punk force from Leipzig mantarochen about their first EP and with the Klabusterbären from Halle about their musical background and how they experienced the fall of the Wall as a punk band from East Germany. In the last part of the show, the focus is on softer sounds with indie/shoegaze, art-pop and wave by NIL, Purpur Spytt, Peter Piek and Walter Frosch.


  1. Onyon – Talking Worms
  2. BLITZER – Smug Face
  3. mantarochen – Reflection
  4. Rouge – Repeating Game
  5. CIERN – Puppets
  6. D.B.R. – On you
  7. zakk2000 – Bahn
  8. Klabusterbären – Wers ruhig will soll aufs Land ziehen
  9. NIL – Sleep
  10. Purpur Spytt – Painkiller II
  11. Peter Piek – Loser
  12. Walter Frosch – Broken Wings (I don’t feel a thing)


Onyon: bandcamp | instagram
Blitzer: bandcamp | instagram
mantarochen: bandcamp | instagram
Rouge: bandcamp | instagram
Ciern: bandcamp | youtube | instagram
D.B.R./Dee Bee Rich: bandcamp
Turbo Discos (label): bandcamp | instagram
zakk2000: bandcamp
Klabusterbären: bandcamp | instagram 
Nil: bandcamp | instagram
Purpur Spytt: bandcamp | facebook | instagram
Peter Piek: youtube | instagram
Backseat (label): web
Walter Frosch: web | bandcamp | instagram


mantarochen – Grey (In The Badgers Cave, It’s Eleven Records, 2024)

Produced by Radio CORAX, Halle (Saale).
Prepared, produced, mixed and announced by Sarah Lauer and Lena Ulrich.
Design by Jure Anžiček.​