IndieRE #115 | NEAR FM

The 115th Irish edition of IndieRE features a lineup of new releases and interviews with emerging talents from the Irish music scene such as Fontaines D.C., Brian Ring, Man Like Strange, Carlsbad and New Jackson. In the interviews NEAR FM talks to Diana Gómez, a versatile Spanish cellist who blends classical mastery with modern innovation, and YARD, an electro-noise trio from Dublin.


  1. Fontaines D.C. – Starburster
  2. Brian Ring – Funky Feet
  3. Man Like Strange – Italia
  4. Carlsbad – Soft Spoken
  5. Diana Gomez – Clouds
  6. KiLLOWEN – Rita Ora
  8. YARD – Big Shoes
  9. Elaphi – All I Ask
  10. New Jackson – Out of Reach


Fontaines D.C.: web | youtube | facebook | instagram
Brian Ring: facebook | instagram 
Man Like Strange: youtube | instagram
Carlsbad: youtube | instagram
Diana Gómez: youtube | facebook | instagram
Killowen: facebook | instagram
Larks: instagram
Yard: youtube | facebook | instagram
Elaphi: facebook | instagram
New Jackson: facebook | instagram

Featured Song: Yard – Big Shoes (Single, self-released, 2024)

Produced by Near FM, Dublin.
Prepared, announced and mixed by Patrick Domanico.
Design by Jure Anžiček.