IndieRE #116 | Radio U Brest

The new edition of the IndieRE broadcast is brought to you by Radio U, based in Brittany and part of the Radio Campus France network! We will present you the dub soundsystem „Stand High Patrol“, the rock band „Captain Excelsior and the Cosmic Crabs“, „Tekmao“, a group that mixes techno and traditional Breton music, and finally „Plouz&Fouen“, 2 childhood friends who rap in Breton!


  1. Stand High Patrol – Brest Bay
  2. Skunk Kut ft. Monkey D – Long Time
  3. Plouz&Fouen – Strakal
  4. TekMao – Loudeatch
  5. Captain Excelsior and the Cosmic Crabs – Here to stay
  6. Captain Excelsior and the Cosmic Crabs – Dark Days
  7. Mansion’s Cellar – Working Man Saz
  8. Mediavolo – Rage (extract)
  9. Gwendoline – Rock2000 (extract)


Stand High Patrol: web | youtube | facebook | instagram
Plouz&Foen: soundcloud | youtube | facebook | instagram
TekMao: web | soundcloud | youtube | facebook | instagram
Captain Excelsior and the Cosmic Crabs: bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram
Mediavolo: instagram | bandcamp
Mansion’s Cellar: instagram | youtube
Gwendoline: bandcamp | instagram

Produced by Radio U, Brest, France.
Prepared, announced and mixed by Vincent Le Yeuc’h and Jérémie Margue.
Design by Jure Anžiček.