INDIE -RE #29 Radio Corax, Halle

Hello and Welcome to Radio Muse the Radio Show from Different kinds of Independent radios
powered by the European Union with their project Indire. You are listening to the broadcast from
Radio Corax from Halle Saale in East Germany, We are Ben
and Luise, and today we will present you some of the latest releases from the East of Germany.
Our today’s guests are the Leipzig based band Elephants on Tape. They released their new Album
Every structure dislocated in April, and we will talk about the concept of the album, which is the
behavior of humankind in the digital world.
In the second part of the show, we talk with the German Georgian musician Nino about her musical
development and why she is covering Georgian folk music.
Our first song will be a catchy and funky one, the title of the album „disco de light“ betrays what’s
coming. Finally, the Two longtime record diggers Tom & Roskow decided to fulfill their dream, by
publishing this EP, we will hear the song Bärenträume.
„Bärenträume“ • K&M PROJEKT
The Band FEALE from Chemnitz, just released in April their new EP Called Cryaletti, it reminds of
the 2000 pop punk time with Avril Lavigne, but in a wavy way. The whole EP makes you want to
grab your old skate board and go to the next 24/7 to buy some ice tea. With the consciousness that
you could fall on your Knees. Have fun with the song Conversations from FEALE.
Conversations from Cryaletti EP by FEALE
Dämse is a dialect word for stuffy and steamy Air – and also a Band from Jena. The disco punk trio
with pseudo astronauts costumes on stage have been producing music for ten years now and will
release their new album called the Dämsmaschine on the first of June. The Cover Artwork is in the
style of Kraftwerks album The Man Machine, so the new songs like Kuba Liebe sounds more
electronic and catchy. This song could maybe be my personal summer hit of the year – and maybe
also yours ? Take a zip of an ice cold drink and enjoy Dämse with Kuba Liebe.
Myths of a Thistle is a Halle based indie folk duo, the calm and melancholic songwriting is
enjoyable. It’s kind of guilty pleasure, because I am not used to listen to indie whatever, but this
song is perfect for my listening behavior. And hopefully for yours to, get out of your comfort zone!
Mellow My Mind from the band Myths of a Thistle.
Mellow My Mind from Drunk Men Look At A Thistle by Myths of a Thistle
Nino is Georgian but since 10 years a Halle based musician, she used to perform in local House
collectives and festivals with her guitar and her accordion. The first time I heard her voice was in
one of our Music radio shows, where she was a guest of Valentin, she performed live and her voice
and the songs she sang just blew my mind. I thought I would like to feature here in ore Indire
shows, because she is a talented singer and musician. We managed to meet in the studios of radio Corax. How is she connected to the Georgian music she plays, and how does she manage the corona
pandemic as a musician? You will hear it now in or interview.
The next song will be a premier for this Radiomuse show made by radio Corax from Halle. Because
we will play a chart song – with reasons. Danger Dan is a Hip Hop and Rap Artist out of the Berlin
based band Antilopen Gang. With his Song “ Das ist alles von der Kunstfreiheit gedeckt” – in
English, This is all covered by the freedom of arts”, he creates a real debate in all kinds of political
camps. He speaks out, that you have to fight against all right-wing people and organizations like the
right-wing Post fascist Political party the AFD – the self-named alternative for Germany, the police,
who don’t fight enough against fascists, well-known persons of the intellectual conservatives, who
are also anti-Semitic and the office for the protection of the constitution, who support militant
fascist to get information. He doesn’t use the normal stylistic as a rapper to name all that problems
but made a full album with piano music following the political Singer and Songwriter out of the 60s
and 70s like Franz Josef Degenhart or the Austrian Singer and Songwriter Georg Kreisler.
Furthermore, he points out you have to fight against these people also with militancy cause the
government doesn’t do enough and uses the law of the freedom of arts.
Let’s listen to Danger Dan with Das ist alles von der Kunstfreiheit gedeckt.
What’s your Pleasure? Asks the Band Bredouille. Do you know? Du you have any cool Hobbies to
recommend in our current time? (Write us)
What’s your Pleasure? From Cares For What Matters by Bredouille
Slowly we come to an end with our today’s radio show, we had lots of fun again to research and
look for new upcoming local Musicians. Some Month it’s hard to find new music, because many
artists have no regular income
and therefore they cannot afford a recording. Especially because of that we are lucky and happier
than ever, when we find new music and Interview Partners we can present you. It’s just every time
so interesting and entertaining to listen to the other radio shows from Radio muse, because
otherwise we would never have got the chance to get to know the underground music from other
European city. So stay save, solid and solidary.
Shout out to the Berlin Post Punk Scene, you made it again, the band LOW just released their new
album on mangle records. The biggest recognition value to me is the unique art Cover design for the
different albums. I would buy me the Albums just because of the art style. The song, I am exhausted
by LOW, beams you right away to the next punk Concert.
I’m Exhausted from LOW by Go Lamborghini Go
Nino Saurier

1. 2 Wrong Notes – Styeler Berg
2. „Bärenträume“ • K&M PROJEKT 04:34
3. Conversations from Cryaletti EP by FEALE 03:04
4. Kuba Liebe [Dämser EP] 03:59
5. Mellow My Mind from Drunk Men Look At A Thistle by Myths of a Thistle 03:27
6. Danger Dan – Das ist alles von der Kunstfreiheit gedeckt (Antilopen Gang) 04:16
7. What ́s your Pleasure ? from Cares For What Matters by Bredouille 01:42
8.I ́m Exhausted from LOW by Go Lamborghini Go 02:45
Radio Corax ( Germanny
Luise Grundmann, Benjamin Brumme