IndieRE #104 | EMA-RTV

Discover some Spanish Girrrrrrl Power in this 104th edition of IndieRE from EMA-RTV, hosted by Sonia, Rafa and the technician Nuria ‘magic fingers’. Starting with DALILA’s electronic world and the always vindictive Carmen Xía; before speaking to Laura Torres, drummer in the alternative band Melenas, about their successful story and the bubbly underground scene in Pamplona. Get to know Uterzine, an anarch-trans-feminist punk collective and DIY label, through another interview with its founder Martixu. And much more music to discover in this colourful journey through Spanish independent scene!


01. DALILA feat. Manul & Broken Lip – Otra Ciudad
02. Carmen Xía feat. Suzio Tarik – Mami, mami
03. Califato ¾, Carmen Xía, Abocajarro – De la Frontera
04. Melenas – Bang
05. Melenas – K2
06. Melenas – Dos Pasajeros
07. Las Odio – Presente Perfecto
08. Las Odio – Autoexplotación
09. Viuda – Una de mieu
10. Ruïnosa y las Strippers de Rahola – Puta Renfe
11. Endora y sus Vicios – Son mis normas
12. Restinga – No seas así
13. Verde Prato feat. BRONQUIO – Maite nauzu zeharkatu
14. Las Petunias – Audi 4 latas
15. La Perra Blanco – Down and Bound


Dalila: bandcamp | youtube | instagram
Below Music (label): bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram
Carmen Xía: youtube | facebook | instagram
Propaganda Pel Fet! (label): web | facebook | instagram
Califato ¾: web | youtube | instagram
Melenas: facebook | instagram
Mushroom Pillow (label): web | facebook | instagram
Trouble in Mind (label): web | facebook | instagram
Las Odio: web | bandcamp | instagram
Humo Internacional (label): bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram
Ruïnosa y las Strippers de Rahola: youtube | instagram
Rebel Sound Music (label): web | facebook | instagram
My heart your mouth (DIY collective): web | instagram
Endora y sus Vicios: bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram
Uterzine (label): web | bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram
Restinga: instagram
Raso Estudio (label): web | bandcamp | facebook | instagram
Verde Prato: bandcamp | youtube | instagram
Plan B Records (label): bandcamp | facebook | instagram
Petunias: instagram
La Perra Blanco: web | youtube | facebook | instagram
Folc Records (label): web | bandcamp | facebook | instagram
Maldito Records (label): web | instagram

Produced by Onda Local de Andalucía (EMA-RTV), Spain.
Produced and announced by Sonia Morales and Rafa Sánchez; sound mixing by Nuria González.
Design by Jure Anžiček.