IndieRE #111 | Radio Helsinki

In the 111th edition of our joint radio project, Radio Helsinki is taking you to the heart of the underground: to SUb Graz, the coolest club in town, with up and coming punk bands „Hyperdog“ and „LEBER“. If you’re already feeling a bit anxious, don’t worry. We also have more mellow sounds for you, such as the Graz-based pop-grunge band „Oxyjane“, „TheGreenTub“, a brand-new project with their very first single, „Schmack“, a soulful jazz combo from Linz, the lovely boys from „CORDOBA78“, Goth House by „SUNDL“, heartwarming tunes by „Billi Mpeg“ and cold wave vibes by „Skubut“. Enjoy!


01. Hyperdog – Enter the Mountain
02. Minki Mumu – Time is a Social Construct (Sundl Remix)
03. Schmack feat. Günther Paulitsch – Leslie
04. Hyperdog – House On the Hill
05. Leber – Femizid
06. Leber – Toxisch
07. Hyperdog – Ghost
08. The Green Tub – Nikotin am Straßenrand
09. Cordoba78 – Warme Winter
10. Billi MPEG – Fantazija
11. Oxyjane – All This Weight
12. Скубут (Skubut) – T’ma


Hyperdog: bandcamp | instagram
Sundl: bandcamp | instagram
Minki Mumu: bandcamp | instagram
Schmack: bandcamp | instagram
Leber: bandcamp | instagram
The Green Tub: youtube | instagram
Cordoba78: bandcamp | instagram
Billi Mpeg: soundcloud | youtube | instagram
Oxyjane: web | bandcamp | instagram
Скубут (Skubut): bandcamp | instagram

Produced by Radio Helsinki, Graz, Austria.
Prepared, announced and mixed by Lilly Jagl.
Design by Jure Anžiček.