Reportage MENT Festival Ljubljana

Hannas Reportage vom MENT Festival in Ljubljana

Summer sun – and what else is often part of it? Exactly, festivals! Seeing lots of live acts, discovering new artists and forgetting everything but dancing for a moment… For many people who don’t work with music full-time, this is probably a brief escape into a world that revolves around music. (But a festival is of course also great for those who deal with music all day.)

In Ljubljana, a very special festival took place at the beginning of June: The MENT Festival is a so-called showcase festival that is explicitly aimed at actors from the music industry. In addition to the typical festival concerts in the evening, a conference took place during the day that dealt with a wide range of topics. From „What happens after Corona“ to listening sessions (playing music and getting direct feedback from experts). Hannah from Radio Corax was there for us and took a closer look at this kind of festival.