Deportation of an Anarchist back to Belarus prevented

On the 21 of July, a court in Ukraine decided, that Alexey Bolenkov's appeal against his deportation to Belarus would be granted. Three months before, the secret police tried to deport the anarchist and political activist who is a citizen of Belarus, but lives in Ukraine since 2014. The deportation failed due to the quick support of other activists before they could force him into their car, and the case was then brought before the court. Radio Corax spoke with a social activist from Kiev, who was present during the deportation attempt and the following court hearings, about the trial, the accusations leveled against Alexey Bolenkov and the political character of this method that the secret police attempted to use.

This is the short version of the interview, that only focuses on Alexey Bolenkov's case. The full version also discusses the political backdrop behind this repression and the cooperation between police and the far right. You can find it here:

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Symbolbild "Human Rights in Ukraine" von Valdemar Fishmen (CC BY)