IndieRE #109 | Radio Študent Ljubljana

This weeks IndieRE broadcast is brought to you by Radio Študent from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Today we’ll listen to the collage music of the trio Jimmy Barka Experience, avant-rock of the band Svojat, ambiental music by the producer Slowmotion Livestream, experimental harp music by rouge-ah, some grimy rap music by rapper Fraw Blanka and producer Marka San and wrap up the show with a bit of punk by Kultivator.


01. Jimmy Barka Experience – Ganksterska vremena
02. Svojat – Potovanje v Razdrto
03. Svojat – Odvrat do vrat
04. Slowmotion Livestream – Dolina
05. rouge-ah – Why so Angry? Why Not!?
06. rouge-ah – Level 3
07. Fraw Blanka X Marka San – Gloomy Days
08. Fraw Blanka X Marka San – Dead Zone
09. Kultivator – McTerror
10. Kultivator – Na Vinskem Sejmu


Jimmy Barka Experience: bandcamp | soundcloud | facebook | instagram
rx:tx (label): bandcamp | soundcloud | facebook | instagram
Ente Tapes (label): bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram
Slowmotion Livestream: bandcamp
Beton Records (label): bandcamp | soundcloud | facebook
rouge-ah: bandcamp | soundcloud | facebook | instagram
Fraw Blanka: bandcamp | facebook | instagram
Marka San: bandcamp | soundcloud | youtube | facebook | instagram
No Klan Recordings (label): bandcamp | soundcloud | youtube | facebook | instagram
Kultivator: bandcamp

Produced by Radio Študent, Slovenia.
Prepared, announced by Dušan Bulajić and Jaša Potočnik. Sound mixing by Oliver Wagner – Oli.
Design by Jure Anžiček.