IndieRE #112 | EMA-RTV

Powerful songs, amazing music and several genres – this is the 112th edition of IndieRE from EMA-RTV, hosted by Sonia, Rafa and the technician Nuria ‘magic fingers’. We start with a bit of fusion with Amparanoia together with Los Artistas del Gremio. Then the decibels go up with the stoner-garage of Bala and their featuring with the Galician folklore of Tanxugueiras. We talk with Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba in the weekly interview and have an interesting chat about psychedelia and Andalusian roots. For a little jazz taste we dive into the music of Moreira and O Sister! and later have a look into the Malaga rap scene. Summing it up with punk (Montaña), with special interest in its new synth way (La Élite, Ciervoss) and saying goodbye with the wild rock of Five Black Bullet.


01. Amparanoia feat. Los Artistas del Gremio – Fanfarria
02. Amparanoia feat. Los Artistas del Gremio – Que te den
03. Bala&Tanxugueiras – Ouveo
04. Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba – La fuente
05. Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba – Prodigio
06. Moreira&O Sister! – Capullito de Alelí
07. O Sister! – Babe, it’s a brand new day
08. Cano Oasis, Hide Tyson & Sokez – Oro de ley
09. La vida de Jaime, Nous Nizzy & Laira – Como le digo
10. Faenna&Sceno – Fatiguitas
11. Molly – Perras callejeras
12. Putolargo&Hueco Prods – Nos mienten
13. La Elite – Vida de un euro
14. Ciervoss – Siempre yo
15. Montaña – 6:40
16. Five Black Bullets – We Own The Night


Amparanoia: web | youtube | facebook | instagram
Mamita Records (label): web | youtube | facebook | instagram
Bala: web | bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram
Pias Recordings (label): web | youtube | facebook
Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba: web | youtube | facebook | instagram
Primavera Labels (label): web | youtube | facebook | instagram
Moreira: youtube | facebook | instagram
Satélite K (label): web | bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram
O Sister!: bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram
Cano Oasis: youtube | facebook | instagram
Hide Tyson: bandcamp | soundcloud | instagram
Sokez: bandcamp | facebook | instagram
La Vida de Jaime: web | youtube | instagram
Nous Nizzy: youtube | facebook | instagram
Laira: youtube
Faenna: youtube | instagram
Sceno: instagram
Molly: youtube
Putolargo: bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram
Hueco Prods: web | youtube | facebook | instagram
La Élite: bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram
Discos Gele (label): web | instagram
Ciervoss: bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram
Montaña: bandcamp | instagram
Andalucía Über Alles (label): web | bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram
Five Black Bullets: bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram

Produced by Onda Local de Andalucía (EMA-RTV), Spain.
Produced and announced by Sonia Morales and Rafa Sánchez; sound mixing by Nuria González.
Design by Jure Anžiček.