IndieRE #52 by Campus FM Toulouse

In the 52nd edition of IndieRE Radio Campus France gives an insight into the independent scene in Toulouse with MATHIUS SHADOW-SKY, TANIA BEL, Didier Aschour from MONTAGNE NOIRE RECORDS, Pauline Cosgrove from My IMAGINARY LOVES and the young local artist Renaldo Gournier presenting the IMMOBILE project.


01. Mathius Shadom-Sky – Sad Human (Centre Bombe, 2007)
02. Eliane Radigue – Occam Hepta 1 [28:43] (Montagne Noire Records, 2023)
03. My Imaginary Loves – AM-PM, I can’t Sleep [3:33] (deadbees, 2019)
04. Immobile – Avec Aisance [5:10] (Garage Deluxe, 2023)
05. Immobile – Sait on Jamais [3:56] (Garage Deluxe, 2023)


Mathius Shadow-Sky

Tania Bel

Montagne Noire Records

My Imaginary Loves